City Living

Being in the midst of D.C. now for about three months, I’ve come to realize how much of a difference it is living in such close proximity with those around us.  I literally bump into people on the daily and my introverted, suburbian self just couldn’t manage to get that space that I felt entitled […]

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“Boots on the ground”

During my time at Seminary, I went to counselling on and off. With such a small on-campus community we lived in, it was tremendously helpful for me to have an outside perspective I could share things with and process through.  Also, Seminary is one of those times in life where faith can be sifted – […]

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I was putting them off as per usual. But as I found a cockroach crawling around in the sink the last time the dishes were left piled up for a few hours, I figured that little sink needed an intervention. I’m forced to stay on top of them because heaven knows I don’t ever want […]

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What a Privilege

I’ve come to realize the amazing privilege it is to work. Let me tell you, when you have been out of a job for two months, there is nothing more enticing than to work again. And two months is not even that long. But this season in our lives has taught me never to take for […]

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Transitions. Those that know me well enough know that I am the worst at them.  For instance, I’ve been known to be pretty blunt at the end of a phone conversation not wanting to hang onto that line any longer than need be. Mid-sentence, I might say, “Oh that’s cool..yeah…Hey! I got to go pee. […]

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Cheers to the Jappe Induction

My husband {yeah, I have one of those now!} found my camera in the hall closet right before we left for England and apparently, he loves taking photos. SCORE. Due to the iPhone5 and {let’s be real} a bit of laziness, I hadn’t picked that thing up in a few years. Thus, Dan’s look of […]

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